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Mejia & Associates is a law firm specializing in several Law branches that works daily under the conviction of satisfying its clients’ needs on a base of solid legal knowledge and the principles of integrity, honesty, responsibility, and transparency.

From its establishment, this has been the standard of our Firm: To practice Law pursuant to solid ethical norms and attached to the most rigorous quality and delivery criteria. All of the trust and judicial certainty that we generate when we represent our clients is born from this.


Mejia & Associates formally begins operations in Panama City in August, 1999.  Its constitution was preceded by Mr. Jeronimo Emilio Mejia Edward’s private practice, who started in 1995 his performance as an independent professional in various branches of the profession.  Before, between 1984 and 1994, Mr. Mejia Edward served as Assistant to the Magistrate of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.  This intense experience in the dealings of the highest judiciary in the Republic of Panama gave him the chance to gain a total vision of the details that are particular to complex processes in Criminal, Constitutional, Civil, Commercial, and Labor matter; precisely this experience made Mr. Mejia Edward an expert in the technique required in the matter of Cassation.

Shortly it was clear for Mr. Mejia that he needed to expand his services and grow, since the client demand was rising.  He then determined to start recruiting Law professionals, selected based both in their professional and personal qualities.  It was in this moment that he decided to formally constitute, in August 1999, Mejia & Asociados Law Firm, with Mrs. Marjorie Wells as partner.

The Firm continued to provide services under the direction and leadership of Mr. Jeronimo Mejia, constituting itself as a renowned and prestigious law Firm specialized in matters related to Criminal Law and other specialties, attracting first level clients both nationally and internationally.  In the year 2008, Mr. Mejia separates from the Firm since he was appointed to occupy the seat of Judge of the Criminal Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice.  His vision of maximum effort and total quality currently guide Mejia & Asociados.


Our Firm currently has outstanding professionals committed to the founding idea of the Firm in providing our services with the highest quality and with the highest level of ethics and professional integrity.

The Firm provides legal services in a wide variety of law branches, with special emphasis in:

We are a multidisciplinary practice Law Firm.  Experts with the Cassation technique and with a vast knowledge and experience in the new Criminal Justice System that has already been implemented in some regions in the Republic of Panama.  We hold strategic alliances with other law firms.


To grow in the practice of Law on solid foundations of knowledge and experience, combined with the highest ethical and integrity principles.

We are successful in our management as long as our clients achieve their established results and objectives.  We safeguard their interests and we demonstrate that we are capable of handling their issues and businesses.  We are reliable.


To enhance our leadership as Panamanian lawyers that represent in their management, a model of effectiveness, excellence, and integrity in Legal practice both nationally and internationally.


Even in the current world, where values and principles seem unimportant, Mejia & Asociados stands as a different Law firm.  We are a unique legal option to cater your businesses and issues, not only in an effective manner, with full mastery and control of legal matters, but also with acts bases on the values in which our Firm is built: HONESTY, RESPONSIBILITY, LOYALTY, AND RELIABILITY.


We believe that Law is practiced over solid bases of integrity.  We are professionals honest with our clients and with the officials that we work with on a daily basis.  We show transparency in our management.


We are responsible.  We fulfill our duties and judicial proceedings in a timely manner and in conformity with our clients’ best interests, who place their trust in us.


We are loyal to our clients and to our principles.  We look after their interests, we empathize and commit to their cause.


We are reliable.  We know our job and we are prepared and studious professionals.  Our clients can be certain that we will take care of their matters with the utmost diligence, efficiency, and effectiveness possible.