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Our firm currently has outstanding and committed professionals with the founding idea of ​​the firm in providing our services with the highest quality and the highest ethical and professional integrity level.

The Firm provides legal services in a wide variety of the areas of law, with particular emphasis on:

Criminal Law

Mejía & Asociados has been distinguished widely for participating in criminal processes of the highest level in the country and it has prestigious lawyers with experience in criminal matters.

The Criminal Proceedings in our country, require a specialized and disciplined care, due to its complexity. The particular nature of the criminal proceedings, its different phases and the different required actions on each one of them, are the large knowledge of the Law Professionals that give their services in Mejía & Asociados.

The Criminal proceeding, because of its own essence, is difficult for the people involved in it. The transcendence of the actions of the legal guardians is huge, because the freedom of the individual might be affected. To be in the hands of professional experts in the subject is indispensable. At Mejía & Asociados we walk step by step with our clients during the criminal proceedings, always acting in their best interest and with the experience and knowledge that is required on cases of this nature.

As an important point to outstand, Mejía & Asociados is completely updated with the new accusatory penal system that has been implemented in some regions of our country.

Civil Law

Mejía & Asociados supports you in the controversies that might be related with lawsuits derived of enforcing contracts and obligations that may arise between the parties. We are in charge of the analysis, development and conduction of the process, even if you are plaintiff or defendant. We are responsible and vigilant of the judicial activity, we plan legal strategies aimed to achieving its objectives. At Mejía & Asociados you can be fully confident that we are working committed with the defense of your interest.

Corporate / Commercial Law

Mejía & Asociados offers you their experience and knowledge for the establishment of your Business in our country. We advise you in all aspects of your business, aiming our work to the drafting of social pacts and statutes for companies, joint ventures and acquisitions, as well as other matters of special nature that usually appear during the ending of a society.

Environmental Law

The environmental issues are becoming more and more important, effective and current affairs in our country. The citizen participation and interest is growing in a significate way around the world and Panama does not escape from this reality. The knowledge and management of Panama’s environmental law (environmental impact studies, environmental standards, territorial planning, forest resources, subject to fines and permits), among others, becomes essential in order to accomplish optimal results in this growing sphere of action.

We have lawyers that have worked directly in the Legal Department of the National Environment Authority (ANAM) in positions of high hierarchy and they have the professional and legal experience to advise our most valuable asset, our clients.


Based on the premise that nobody is perfect, the justice administrates can in some opportunities make mistakes in the decisions that they adopt. Because of this, there is a fundamental warranty, the right to challenge that is exercised through resources; some of them are the called extraordinary like the Cassation Appeal Criminal/Civil that has the goal of defending the aim right, unify national case law and repair the grievance of the affected party.

This type of criminal appeals, is brought before the Second Chamber of the Supreme Court or to the First Chamber of the Supreme Court in civil matters. In such resources it is requested to cancel, partially or totally, with or without forwarding, a decision (judgment or order) of second instance, issued by a Superior Court Judicial District , which is attributed vices of illegality either by mistakes in procedendo or in iudicando, by invoking grounds specifically provided by law.

This is an appeal of very special nature, that’s why its presentation and sustentation requires the complete domain of the appellate technique. Mejía & Asociados has lawyers that fulfil the highest profile to represent your cause, whether in respect of Criminal or Civil appeal.

Intellectual Property / Branding

Mejía & Asociados has been updated in intellectual property and management of licenses, franchises, technology transfer, as well as legal representation in litigation opposition, cancellation and annulment of registration of trademarks.

Our clients have had an active and effective representation, both in criminal proceedings and civil against violations of all kinds of Intellectual property rights. Also we represent our mistakenly accused clients of violations to the Intellectual Property Right.

Administrative Law / Telecommunications and Electricity / Tax Law

Mejía & Asociados supports you in your relationship with public administration. We are aware of the organization, functioning and powers of the public sector. That’s why we put to your disposition our experience and expertise in your relationship with the Public Administration, from proceedings in the administrative sphere as in the contentious administrative way, that is substance to the Third Chamber of the Supreme Court and before regulative authorities of the Public services (telecommunications and electricity).

Likewise, in a particular way we manage your process derived from the exercise of the taxing power of the State, exercised from the same through the establishment, collection and control of the income.


Mejía & Asociados has venture in the tramitacion of proceedings and administrative formalities before the Migration and Naturalization Department of the Government and Justice Ministry. Of course, this includes the legalization of the migratory state of foreigners interested in staying and residing in de Republic of Panama.

We advise in the presentation of the administrative documents necessary and required to accomplish, through the naturalization process, the Panamanian nationality.


The actual occupational environment, regulated by legal instruments of over twenty years, demands that the employers have professional and effective advice from lawyers committed to giving you professional support. Topics such as right to strike, unionization, labor disputes, complaints, among others, affect a company’s productivity.

Mejía & Asociados will give you the necessary support in diverse topics of this important area of law (collective negotiations, drafting and review of internal work regulations, demand for work permits, administrative procedures, etc.)

We are a firm with multidisciplinary practice. Experts in the technique of cassation and with wide knowledge and experience in the new Accusatory Penal System that has already been implemented in some regions of the Republic of Panama. We hold strategic alliances with other law firms.

We are a firm with multidisciplinary practice. Experts in the technique of cassation and with wide knowledge and experience in the new Accusatory Penal System.


The Firm has strong relationships with the legal and business environment; besides, it collaborates with other firms in complex proceedings that require representation in several areas of law.

In a world of daily challenges and duels, Mejía & Asociados constitutes a serious option for those who’d like to manage their own businesses or issues in an honest way and attending the principles enshrined in the Panamanian legislation.

Our clients find in our professional practice a team committed with their interests and that works over the bases of the highest standards of quality and service.

We have accomplished to establish and develop solid and permanent links with our clients and colleagues, supported by the provision of a professional service of the highest level and demonstrating in our execution the highest capacity.