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Lic. Dacia Mong De Villa – MBA

Administrative Chief - Control & Administration - Human Resources - Accounts


Master’s Degree in Business Administration with emphasis in Strategic Management at the Universidad Interamericana, from which she graduated on March 2002.

Also she obtained a Postgraduate Degree in Senior Management on 2001.

She pursued Business Administration studies at Universidad Santa Maria La Antigua, from which she graduated in 1994.

Furthermore, she has participated in Human Resources education trainings, directed by experts trained by Dale Carnegie, who cover interactive techniques, problems resolution, and small group abilities.

She has attended Economy, Customer Service seminars, Leadership Summits, and other topics of interest in the administrative line.


She served as Chief Administrative Officer, at the National Engineering Authority at the Ministry of Education, where she participated in budget preparation and control in conjunction with the Regional Offices nationwide, construction material requests, and coordination with suppliers in general.  Training new administrative staff and everything related to the attendance compliance of technical and administrative staff.

Currently, and since January 2008, she is in charge of the general administration of the Law Firm Mejia & Associates, handling the current accounts (banks), accounts receivable, handling and managing the financing, the budget, and the treasury, cost and expense analysis, management control, analyzing, defining, and directing the company’s investments.  Managing the stock supply.  Maintaining the company’s Fixed Assets in ideal conditions.  Optimizing the economic and financial resources necessary to achieve the stated objectives.  Creating a pleasant work environment.  Promoting teamwork.  Providing structure and processes to the human resource.  Safeguarding the organization’s legal and financial documents.  Supporting the Executive and Administration Partners in the coordination and dispatch of the matters they are in charge of.  Offering administrative support to the various departments of the Firm, supporting the contractual review, control and management.  Defining and proposing Administrative policies.  Maintaining the key performance indicators associated with the administration.